Naveen Jain: “Think so big that people can call you crazy”. Is this the way to become a  billionaire (no. 121 in Forbes) and an IT guru from Silicon Valley?

I met Naveen Jain at EIT AWARDS 2013 in Budapest. He was the rock star of the meeting. You know that song, To the Moon and back? Well, this man transformed the song into a business with his Moon Express.

His business journey is a very interesting one: with ups and downs, but always looking ahead. A life like a Bollywood script. He started companies in different domains, from technology to space. But he always knows when a good idea is a good business. If you want to know how to be a good entrepreneur you should listen to Naveen.

A very warm man with three kids at home. By the way, all his family is preparing for the space journey…Good luck!

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